Crowe Hopped to Hospice to Meet Alfie the Wallaby

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Alfie WallabyCrowe Hopped to Hospice to Meet Alfie the Wallaby!

Kimberley Moughtin, Business Development Manager at Crowe hopped over to Hospice to meet up with Stephen Downward from Hospice and the newly named, Alfie the Wallaby (after meeting Alfie Boe that Morning!)

Hospice have gone wild! in association with ‘Wild in Art’ and launched their new mass participation event, Wallabies Gone Wild!

The event launches on the island over 12 weeks in May to September 2019.

During this time the Isle of Man will be brought to life by a mob of beautifully designed wallaby sculptures.

This event will not only offer endless hours of fun for residents and visitors but will create community cohesion, and will have a positive impact on all those involved.

For 35 years now, Hospice Isle of Man has been an integral part of the island’s community.  Their focus over the next 5 years is to look beyond their building, to reach out and support more people in the community in a place of their choice at the right time to them.

Wallabies Gone Wild provides the perfect opportunity for them to work collaboratively with the community to promote compassion, raise awareness of their services and generate the funds that will help them to continue to deliver care in the community.

About Wild in Art

Wild in Art is one of the leading creative producers of mass-appeal public art events that bring together business and creative sectors with schools and local communities through the creation of city-wide trails of uniquely painted sculptures.