Crowe are Quick to React to Struggling Charity

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When local chartered accountancy firm Crowe saw that Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation were struggling for funds to continue on with their life saving work, we made contact to donate straight away.

Their defibrillators are all over the island, ready to save a life and the heart screenings at Nobles Hospital for 14-35 year old’s are highlighting life changing results!

Craig’s Heartstrong is a fantastic charity and the island would be a lot worse off without it.


So if you are having a dress down day, cake bake or any events please think of this charity to donate to.

The next heart screening is at Nobles Hospital on Saturday April 6th and Sunday April 7th.

Please follow the link to register Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation and click on the red tab ‘click here to book your next screening’ #WeAreCrowe

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